My top 3 morning routines to boost my day 

Get up early

For optimal health get into the habit of waking up and going to bed approximately the same time every day. Hey, I get that it sounds boring but I can’t hide from the fact that it is the best way to go for considering your health. 

Pro-tip. Check out, even the free version tracks and analyzes your sleep, waking you up at the perfect time. It’s awesome!

Water is a priority

We hear it all the time, staying hydrated is vital for our body and health, still, it’s commonly overlooked. Especially in the mornings. After sleeping for 6-8 hours, your body has lost about a cup of water simply through exhaling, so it’s important to start refilling with water first thing. 

Also, remember that drinks such as coffee and tea are dehydrating for your body, so if your daily routine consists of a cup of the coffee first thing, be sure to drink water before in the future. 

Pro-tip. Put a big glass of water on your nightstand before you go to bed. This will first act as a reminder but also it has the benefit of being room temperature when you drink it first thing in the morning is kind to your body.

Get the move on

We, humans, are moving less and less everything can be done from the comfort of our sofas nowadays. We work sitting down, we travel sitting down, we relax sitting down, and so on. 

The days of manual labor are gone and with it is also the organic movement of the body. This is why it’s super important to make time for exercise every day. No matter what you like doing it’s important to get moving. The reason I added this to the morning list is that it makes my day when I have exercised before most people have started their day. Adding a powerwalk for 30-45 minutes each morning boosts my energy for the whole day!

Pro-tip. Place your running shoes and clothes beside the bed, that way you simply can’t forget to take a morning run or powerwalk tomorrow!

Good luck! /Dan

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