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New year, new opportunity- that’s what I have heard myself say for the past ten or so years in a row. You’ve probably uttered these words yourself a few times? And we go on create fantastic and realistic goals only to find them unmeet a year from now….

So what’s the point of even trying you might say to yourself. Well… that’s a great question but what if we tried things a little different this time around? Create good and lasting habits that over time makes any goal possible for real!

How to create lasting habits

Be specific- What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Get super clear on what and most important why you want to accomplish this habit.

Keep it simple
Do not overcomplicate things, remember the easies ideas are often the best.

Change your environment
Changing your environment can become especially important if you want to create a habit of something that you have fails creating before. For example,

Build on your current habits
Alwas start in small steps, and create a small habit that can grow over time.

Good luck!

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