Don’t let sleepless baby nights ruin your relationship

“Not again” I said to myself and looked at the clock: 03.34am, just about the same time as all the other mornings for the same exact (honestly unwanted) reason. He was crying again… My boy. 

Before I get into my story, let me back up a bit. Me and my wife got our first child when we were 26, and every thing ran like clockwork, let me tell you that beautiful baby girl slept… well like a baby…

Only 18 months after our first girl our second baby was born, we welcomed a beautiful healthy baby boy. And off corse it naturally was different this time around, I mean we had two small kids, which seems lite three times the work than just one. 

Fast forward about a year…

The once energetic parents we were before had gone tired. Really, really tired… Why? Well.. Our son did NOT like sleeping at night! 

Every night was a struggle. Waking up every 30-40 minuets until right around 3.30am where he thought his day started and was full of energy. Me and my wife were like living zombies. 

Let me tell you we tried everything! Read every book on the subject, and did every thing from the “Cry it out (CIO) method” to the “Pick up, put down method” but still… NOTHING worked…

Oh yeah one thing actually did work, not the most convenient but at least he was satisfied. It was literally putting him in his stroller when he woke up and take him for a looong walk. It doesn’t sound that bad maybe? Well think of doing this every “morning” at 3.30am… 

Honestly this was putting a lot of strain on our marriage, we had no energy for each other and every day felt like a battle getting through. Juggling work, and all other activities of life was a huge stress! 

One again (super) early morning in the blistering cold winter I thought to my self, enough is enough. Something had to change!

I went on a deep digging online looking for answers to this problem, unfortunately all I found were things we had tried so many times with failure as an outcome. 

Days pasted but I was obsessed with finding a solution but at the same time I had no idea what I was looking for or honestly who to trust. 

And one night I stumbled upon a really weird video on Facebook…

It explained how its possible to turn this situation around and it all seemed to good to be true. 

I was really skeptical at first (I’d seen PLENTY of videos with huge promises but delivering nothing.) 

Something was different this time and after just a few minuets into the video, I realised that me and my wife life was about to take a huge turn…

Fast forward to today about two years later… Our boy has been sleeping like a baby every single night. 

We got our lives back and exited the zombie-zone… 

Unfortunately our marriage did not last, perhaps I found this solution too late but the most important thing is that our boy is well and healthy and gets the rest and sleep that growing kids need. 

I am since on a mission to let all families know about this and it could very well be the solution for you! Hopefully before its too late!

Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Click on the Learn More button at the bottom.
  2. Enter your email and you will get a link to a video. Make sure to watch it when you have time and can do so undisturbed

I Wish You the Best, Good Luck


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